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The Drive

Indie Rock

About Us


Our Story

The Drive started off as a high school 5 piece band from Coatbridge. We are a bunch of friends who enjoy good music and want to make some of our own. A year and a half in we have took to the live music scene of Glasgow, playing the likes of some great venues like Classic Grand and Broadcast. We continue to make our own music and we will keep playing live as much as possible in Glasgow and anywhere else that will have us!


What Inspires Us

We are all unique. Each member of the band has slightly different tastes from each other but, when we work together we create great music that people enjoy. We take inspiration from bands like Arctic Monkeys and Catfish and The Bottlemen but we also put our own spin on things as well.



We are a 5 piece band that consists of two guitarists, Lewis and Lee, one drummer, Matthew, a bassist, Cian and our lead vocalist Genni.  


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